Supercharge Your Inbound Lead Generation on Linked . . .

. . .and get potential customers messaging you!

(Without paid ads, even if you don't have a big following)

If you're looking to get consistent enquiries that gives you the freedom you want to steadily grow your revenue and create the life and business you want - then reading this page will be the best decision you can make for your future.

But first, something you should know . . .

Content & LinkedIn (for any business) requires a shift away from old 'salesy' habits. The old over used way of finding business on LinkedIn means you go for quantity over quality,  send potentially hundreds of 'cookie cutter' messages a day and hope you happen to catch someone at the right time. 

But throwing as much content out there as possible and hoping to get noticed is stressful and time consuming. 

That's why I'm glad you've got an interest in joining Post Party Club™

I'm passionate about helping people with LinkedIn and have been for the last 13 years. 


Because when other social media's are saturated or require a massive amount of work to create content, LinkedIn was able to create consistent opportunities for me in a massive way. 

Where engagement was falling off on other platforms and was becoming largely saturated, LinkedIn was able to thrive. 

People like Peter Whent, who had struggled for a while to get any kind of engagement with other strategies and software had almost completely given up. 

But when he Joined Post Party Club™ he was able to get 1000's of views of his posts of ACTUAL potential clients and is now creating inbound leads weekly using the strategies he learnt. 

Changing businesses . . .

. . . Join hundreds off Entrepreneurs who are actively using Post Party Club to simply get their products, services and message in front of customers and out to the world! And Discover how Post Party Club™ can help your business Thrive.

Guaranteed Engagement & Views

Regular Training on What's Working

How to close Your Customers

Monthly Group Coaching Calls

I'm Andy Gwynn!

I have been teaching people how to utilise LinkedIn in a way that’s profitable for over 13 years.

And I have been helping companies and their leaders reach their true sales potential.


I’ve invested tons of time and money uncovering the tactics of the best LinkedIn marketers in the business.
I have taken their top tips, tricks, and tactics and used them to create the “brains” behind the “Post Party Club”.
From Digital Coaches & Sales, to Dog Trainers, e-Commerce and Non-Profits and so many more! 
And through it all I've discovered the subtle differences that make a big difference in the success of the profiles and strategies that see you prosper vs. those  that fall flat at almost every hurdle. 

I've not only been teaching others, but I've actually been using LinkedIn to grow my own business and 'Done For You; LinkedIn marketing services. Through it all, THIS is the most important discovery I can share with you.

Without paid ads, Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Premium.
With the RIGHT strategy...

LinkedIn is one of the simplest, easiest and unsaturated ways to reach your specific target market.

Here's the Opportunity with LinkedIn

 9 Billion Impressions  

The number of post impressions displayed to LinkedIn users every single week.

 High Level Readership

Only 3 in every 250 active LinkedIn users are regularly sharing their content

 High Level Readership

The number of post impressions displayed to LinkedIn users every single week.

 50% of B2B Web Traffic

More than half of all social traffic to B2B sites comes from LinkedIn.

That's great and all, but why doesn't LinkedIn work out for most?

How do you guarantee engagement on every post and get in front of more customers.

The Problem is . . . 

Without the right strategy and insider knowledge, the chances are you will only get a handful of views when you post on LinkedIn and more often than not they will be from people you already know well.

On average your posts will only be seen by around 1 in 10 of your connections.
This means that most of your posts won't generate any meaningful business benefits.

...And it doesn't end there

LinkedIn has a clever algorithm that decides if a post should be shown to more people or not (so they can optimize how much they earn from the ads they show on the page).

This algorithm measures how many likes and comments your post has and if it's enough to tip the scales, they show it to more people.

It doesn't really matter how
great your posts are.

If you don't tick the right "engagement" boxes, hardly anybody will ever see it. Perhaps worst of all, a successful content strategy has become increasingly critical to business success.

It's hard enough figuring out what to post in the first place and that’s before you have to carve out time to actually create these posts.

We are in a "content free for all"

Right now it's difficult to get noticed online. 
Regardless of the amount of content you put out there you are competing with 100's if not 1000's of others in your niche all posting the same content and millions of posts every day, people's attention spans are getting less and less. 
With more and more business and people posting content it's almost impossible to get your content to come out on top, get regular engagement and get your message and brand out there. 
Which is where quality over quantity comes into play. 

You don't need to spend extra time creating anything fancy or read the minds of your market. But there are types of content that just work on LinkedIn. And when you join Post Party Club, we can guarantee your engagement. 
And with engagement LinkedIn sees your post and shares it to potential customers. 

So what's the crack to 'succeeding' with LinkedIn?

Whether you succeed on LinkedIn depends on three important factors

#1 - Your Profile

Your profile is the first place people go to check you out on LinkedIn. 

They will see your Message, Post, Video, etc.
If your profile isn't giving the right message or value you're driving people away. 
But you CAN make your profile into a lead generation asset in next to no time.  

"Do you have red or brown sauce with your breakfast" - I wish this was a joke but sadly not. 

To many times I see people publishing content for contents sake, rather then creating meaningful content that is going to get your customers EXCITED to talk to you. 
And the BEST part? This doesn't take long at all with the right strategy. 

#2 - Your Content

#3 - Your Commitment

Rome wasn't built in a day.

Although we've had people get success overnight with the strategies we show you. 
The reality is it could take some time to turn LinkedIn into the lead generation machine it can be. 
But with that, I'll teach you how to build your profile, create your content and make your commitments 10x easier . . .

That's what Post Party Club™ is all about!

I'm passionate about LinkedIn because I know it works.

But how can I be so confident that it works? 
Because it's worked for hundreds of others:

And now  I'd like to share

Post Party Club™ with you

The challenge with workshops is that I can only serve a small group. I knew that with Post Party Club™ I could create a community of like minded Entrepreneurs who could all benefit. And when you join you get the benefit of everyone else in the community. 

If you're a business owner, influencer, leader or just someone who wants more engagement, leads and profit with LinkedIn . . .

Join the 1% of LinkedIn Users Getting MOST of the engagement with their content...

And get 10X more post views, likes, engagement and MORE Profit.

WITHOUT being salesy or pushy!

What is Post Party Club™?

Post Party Club™ Is an online community of people who give you clarity and confidence with getting results on LinkedIn.

Here you can create more inbound connections, generate consistent leads and close deals using the power of LinkedIn with the right strategies.
This is NOT a digital course. I have been working with thousands of business owners growing their businesses on LinkedIn and I've now distilled it down into key strategies that will get your business the results it needs. 

There are no modules. There are resources for you to use when you need them. Templates to save you time and strategies that are working now. 

This is a living and active membership where new strategies and new opportunities are added regularly. Our ONE goal is to help you succeed on LinkedIn. 
This is NOT a "Front end offer" designed to overwhelm you, give you to much info so you get confused and ask us to do it for you.

We don't do this service for you and we don't have a high ticket mastermind. Post Party Club™ is our flagship membership and community. 

When you apply the strategies, use the wealth of resources and trainings you will get amazing results. 
You'll have less stress, more consistency and have more time to spend on what else is important to YOU. 

In Short: Post Party Club™ is a combination of membership and coaching built into one that will get you RESULTS on LinkedIn if you follow the strategies, join the sessions and take action.

  Post Party Clubs

You get up to 32 posts a month (and growing!). 

Each post submitted is guaranteed:
 likes, engagements and comments from your peers using our platform. 

Increasing Your Exposure, Lead Generation & Sales through EVERYTHING LINKEDIN.

Everything you need to get your content seen by 1000's of your potential customers!

You're now FINALLY free to cancel any paid ads that aren't working!

Save £100 or even £1000's  / month

PLUS - Join the Post Party Club Facebook Group

Join a community of people who want to help each other succeed. 

This group is live with regular updates of changes to LinkedIn and what's getting members the most results - an invaluable resource for leveraging LinkedIn in your business. 

Get Access to us live twice a month... something we would normally charge £1000's a month for (and do for our 'Done For You' clients)

Twice a month we go live on a Zoom call, we answer all of your questions, share everything that is working well for us, critique posts, give updates on changes to LinkedIn and we have regular specialist guest speakers! - all this is included!

Attend the calls, ask questions in the Facebook group and turn up to the monthly calls and you will get results.

It's that simple.

If all that's not enough, when you join today you'll also get instant access to all of these incredible bonuses...

  How to Create a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

This is usually something I would only give away to 'Done For You' clients to get the best results on LinkedIn. 

Turn your profile into a lead generation asset for your business, introduce yourself and let people know how you can help them BEFORE you even talk to them with this first bonus. 

You're profile will FINALLY attract leads and create opportunities!

Worth £197

Magic Messages – How to Connect & Engage in the right Way

Get the step-by-step templates that my clients use to connect, engage and create leads for their businesses. Simply edit them for your business so you don't have to write anything new, just plug in and play with these templates to get you results you deserve

Worth £297

How to Write Posts E-book

Your posts, like your profile, have to be engaging, educational & informative.

 Discover the structure to creating perfect posts to get even more engagement.

Post Party Club members have written thousands of posts and this is the structure they use that gets consistent results with their posts.

Worth £197

“The 7 Most Successful Posts”

One of the Post Party Club community Members teaches people how to create content for a living. I've twisted his arm and asked him to share with you his 7 most succesful LinkedIn posts that got him the most engagement and results.

And I know Peter is still getting leads from the posts he made months ago! See what these posts are and replicate them for your business - never be stuck for something to write about! 

Worth £197

How does Post Party Club™ work?

All timings of the post parties and bonuses are in the Post Party Club portal. All the bonuses will be sent to you straight away and they are yours to keep no matter how long you stay and the monthly calls are every 2nd and 4th Tuesday and you'll be able to join as many as you're able to, there's no commitment. And these are recorded and stored in the private members group.

You will have full support the entire time you're a member

You will learn my entire step-by-step system to increasing engagement, producing the right content to get the results you want and you will have access to everything you will ever need to grow your business using LinkedIn.

But I understand that when you are starting something new you will have questions, that's why you have the Facebook  group, where any and all of your questions will be answered.

This is about helping you grow your business. . . so I'm not going to let any question get in the way of your success.

Who is Post Party Club™ NOT for?

It's NOT for the 'tyre kicker'

This is the person that wants to check something out and goes from shiny object to shiny object. 

You can't 'check something out' and create a thriving lead generation system with consistent growth. Success won't kind of come to you. You need to be intentional right from the get-go.

This opportunity is for those who are tired of seeing the 'next big thing' and want something that just works. That doesn't require learning an entirely new software or way of doing things. 

This calls on fundamentals that all business owners have, people who are committed to turning their business and life into something they deserve. 

If you are not committed, this membership is not for you.
It's not for the 'know it all' or the 'believer' 

You may know who I mean here. We're are a community looking to become successful and then stay at the top of LinkedIn.

So if you're someone who focuses on why something 'wont work' rather than how 'I can make this work?' or the kind of person to sign up and believe money is going to just start falling on them.

This takes a commitment to success. You may achieve this quickly and most do. But you to make a commitment to learn and take action with the tools, strategies and community you have joined. 

I know this works, which is why I'm so passionate about getting it to work for you.

Your have TWO options:

(Most Popular)

Enroll In Post Party Club™ VIP

Get everything we have spoken about. All the support, strategies, training and updates

Here's a recap of everything you'll get . . .

  • 32 Post Parties a month - Each one with the potential to get you 1000's of views of your content and get your target market coming to you.

  • Facebook Group - FULL support as long as you stay a member. Regular updates and tips on best performing posts and strategies.

  • Monthly calls with a LinkedIn Coach - something that has ONLY EVER been offered to DFY clients that invest thousands a month. Leverage my experience to REALLY speed up your LinkedIn  success. 

  • ​How to create a Powerful LinkedIn Profile - Turn your profile into a lead generation asset for your business. Introduce yourself and let people know how you can help them BEFORE you even talk to them. 

  • ​Magic Messages - Get the step-by-step templates that I use to connect, engage and create leads for my business. Simply edit them for your business so you don't have to write anything new, just plug in and play

  • ​How to Write Posts E-Book - Your posts, like your profile, have to be engaging, educational & informative. Discover the structure to creating perfect posts to get even more engagement. 

  • ​The SEVEN most successful posts - One of the Post Party Club community Members teaches people how to create content for a living. I've twisted his arm and asked him to share with you his 7 most succesful LinkedIn posts that got him the most engagement and results.

£3000+ worth of bonuses when you join today and every month as long as you remain a member

Just £97 + VAT per month when you join today!

Enrol In Post Party Club basic

JUST get access to our proprietary Post Party Club portal. 
Get guaranteed engagement on your posts and get seen by potentially 1000's of people per post but get none of the bonuses or the support.
  • Up to 32 Post Parties a month - each one with the potential to get your 1000's of views are you content and get your target market coming to you.

£37 + VAT month

Even more reasons to join Post Party Club Today! 

We looked at 30,000 premium users and these are the results they were getting...

Join Post Party Club Today:

£3000+ worth of bonuses when you join today and every month as long as you remain a member

Just £97 + VAT per month when you join today!

JUST get access to our proprietary Post Party Club portal.

£37 + VAT month

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